Lambda 101 – Serverless Business Logic

I’ll keep this post short and let the video do the talking. This twelve minute video will walk through three different Lambda examples and investigate the payloads of each. The goal is to get developers and system administrators comfortable with using Lambda to execute business logic!

See below for more details. Enjoy!

Here are some additional references:

Function code:

1) Jeff Barr’s Blog @ AWS is a good source for new announcements, interesting use cases, and much more:

2) CloudSploit’s write up on how they made their whole company serverless with some insights on the savings they’ve seen:

3) A deep dive into developing a serverless application and many of the considerations that need to be made. Written by Mike Watters (

4) Working with serverless applications is great, but how to you manage such an application over the lifecycle of the app? Michael Wittig ( answers this question on his blog:

5) Could it get any easier!? The innovation has just begun! Check out AWS’s Python Serverless Microframework:

I hope you enjoyed. If you have feedback or questions, leave them here!

Why? My Obligatory First Post.

It is important for me to share with you who I am and why I am writing this.  I don’t expect this particular post to be the reason you come back, but hopefully it provides a foundation of trust and will give you an idea of the lens I am looking through.

Who am I?  I am Jon Leaman, a 27 year old Boston native.  This is my first real attempt to establish a personal brand online that embodies my values.  I am recently engaged, own a black lab named Argos, and love getting out on my motorcycle.  If you forced me to describe myself in a phrase, I would say I’m a prudent risk-taker.

Why am I writing?  To provide a platform for me to share ideas, insights, advice, and ask questions.  Ultimately, I will leverage this blog to foster personal development.  My topics will range from technical industry coverage (e.g. What’s the difference between VSAN vs ScaleIO?) to macro industry news/trends (e.g. Did the NSA kill America’s public cloud?), to how changes in IT affect the individual (e.g. What career advise and strategies are best to maximize your value in the long term?).  I kept my blog title vague to give me the freedom to cover a variety of topics, but more importantly to allow my blog to remain a relevant medium as I grow in my career.

Disclaimer: I’m currently working at EMC (3 years strong!).  This will undoubtedly affect my writing, but my writing is my own, and you can mark my word that all the content I produce is sincere.