Mechanical Puzzles

I’m a mechanical puzzle designer!  I’ve invented three novel puzzles, designed and manufactured two, and brought one to market.  Below is a record of these efforts.

My timeline is largely driven by submitting each puzzle to the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition, which was established in 2001 to promote and recognize innovative new designs of mechanical puzzles.

It’s also largely derailed by my other competing priorities: family, work, and friends.  My most recent puzzle, Sisyphus, was probably a two-week effort that was stretched out over a year.  I’d love to dedicate more time to inventing and designing puzzles.

  • Pyramid in the Bag Pyramid in the Bag
    • Invented 2016
    • Submitted to Nob Yoshigahara’s 2017 Competition and redesigned for the 2020 competition.
    • Largely influenced by Hirokazu Iwasawa’s Square in the Bag.
    • Brought to market for $30 where I lost money on every sale.
  • SisyphusSisyphus
    • Invented 2019
    • Submitted to Nob Yoshigahara’s 2020 Competition
    • The feel and difficulty of this puzzle is awesome.  It’s very “replayable”.

This page needs some love (namely uploaded photos, which I have), but for now, here are some relevant links:

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